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The devastating impact of global conflicts 和 crises, such as the ones currently happening in Ukraine, 阿富汗和叙利亚使现在和将来的学生的生命和教育处于危险之中. 

通过捐赠给 York Emergency Student Support Fund, 你们将帮助确保面临风险和受影响的学生能够在急需的财政支持下安全求学或继续学业.

There Are Many 方式给 To York


gpk电子游戏平台的每月捐款计划允许您在一年内分散捐款, providing us with a steady source of funding. 这将确保您的捐赠投资于约克大学的长期项目和项目,使学生和gpk电子游戏平台的社区受益.  你将会在日历年初收到去年捐款的累计税单.


By making a scheduled gift, you can create a customized schedule for your donation, spreading the payments out in easy monthly, 季度, semi-annual 和 annual installments.  你将会在日历年初收到去年捐款的累计税单.


通过支持gpk电子游戏平台数十个有意义的指定和项目中的一个来产生影响!  当您在网上完成一次性礼物时,您将立即收到一封电子邮件的税务收据.

如果您希望捐赠,您可以通过以下列出的三个选择中的任何一个.  If you have any questions or issues, please contact the annual giving team at

  1. Make your gift 在线! 这是快速、简单和安全的,如果你做一次性的礼物,你会立即收到你的税收收据.
  2. 邮件 a cheque made payable to 约克大学 连同您的联系方式和您希望您的捐款指定到以下地址:促进部
    West Office Building
    多伦多,ON M3J 1P3
  3. 打电话给gpk电子游戏平台! Make your gift by phone by calling 416-650-8210.

When you include 约克大学 as a charitable beneficiary in your Will, life insurance policy, or retirement fund account, you invest in York’s future students 和 preserve wealth for yourself, your loved ones 和 your immediate 和 future needs.


安排一个 遗嘱中的礼物, 被称为遗赠, 是最简单、最受欢迎的捐赠方式之一吗. These gifts may be a percentage of the remainder of your estate, a specific dollar amount or percentage, or contingent upon other factors. 

Beneficiary Designation
这就像联系持有你资产的公司/银行,让他们填写受益人表格一样简单. Beneficiary designations can be applied to the following type of accounts:


开始 creating your York legacy, get in touch with us for a confidential discussion to explore your options. gpk电子游戏平台是来帮你以最有意义,最省税的方式准备一份礼物的.

告知gpk电子游戏平台您的意图有助于确保gpk电子游戏平台能够按照您的意愿接受和使用您的礼物. 你的慷慨大方今天将受到庆祝和认可因为你将成为约克郡的特别成员 White Rose Legacy Circle.

Associate Director Advancement, Gift Planning
约克大学, Division of Advancement
Tel: (416) 650-8221
传真:(416)650 - 8220


Charitable Registration Number: 11930 6736 RR0001

This information is general in nature, does not constitute legal or financial advice, 和 should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional advice. We strongly encourage you to seek professional legal, 遗产规划和/或财务建议,然后再决定你的行动.


通过订阅gpk电子游戏平台的年度遗产通讯来庆祝约克社区. 遗产通讯的特色是gpk电子游戏平台的慷慨捐助者的衷心故事,以及他们对gpk电子游戏平台的学生和社区成员的影响. 阅读gpk电子游戏平台的 2021 Legacies 新闻letter2019 Legacies 新闻letter 在线.

Interested in learning the benefits of legacy giving? Join us for our next Wills & Wealth Webinar Series. gpk电子游戏平台举办网络研讨会,邀请业内专业人士参加,向约克社区介绍正确的遗产规划的重要性和好处. 电子邮件 to receive the latest on legacy giving stories 和 events.   

Past Webinars available on the YorkU Alumni YouTube channel: 

Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way – Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid 

Tax-Effective Wealth 和 Estate Planning 


When you donate publicly traded securities (including stocks, 债券, 和 units of mutual funds that are listed on the Canadian or U.S. stock exchanges) you are not required to pay tax on the capital gains.  你还将获得捐赠股票全部增值的税单.


For more information on making gifts of stocks or securities, please see the PDF resources below or contact us directly.

Associate Director Advancement, Gift Planning
约克大学, Division of Advancement
Tel: (416) 650-8221
传真:(416)650 - 8220

Senior Financial Analyst
Advancement Services 和 Operations
Cell: (416) 797-3511
传真:(416)650 - 8220

如果您想以电子资金或电汇方式捐款,请与gpk电子游戏平台联络 和 we will provide you with instructions 和 the form to begin the process.

注意* * * *重要


  • 邮件主题: Wire Transfer Donation
  • Your name 和 contact information
  • The date York should expect the wire
  • The dollar amount being donated
  • The sending organization (who will be sending the wire on your behalf)
  • Where you would like your gift designated (if known)


约克大学 alumni 和 their immediate family members (spouse, parent or gr和parent, 兄弟姐妹和子女)可以直接向约克大学捐款(使用捐款表格或邮寄支票),并使用已发行的税收收据根据加拿大-美国所得税公约进行美国所得税申报表.


Friends of 约克大学, Inc.
c / o Roha & 费海提
北街1725号. W., 300套房
华盛顿特区.C. 20006-2423
丙氨酸. T. Roha
501(c) (3) Registered Organization (US), EIN# 52-2066024

UK, 香港, 和 新加坡 Donors

英国、香港和新加坡的捐赠者可以通过以下途径向约克大学捐款 教堂 & 纽约: 






如果你在网上做了一次性的礼物,税收收据将立即通过电子邮件发送给你. If you made a one-time gift via mail or by phone, 在收到并处理捐款后约7至10个工作日,您将收到邮寄的税务收据.  If you are mailing in your donation, please allow for a week or two for the donation to make it to us in the mail.

If you are making a monthly or scheduled gift, gpk电子游戏平台会于新年初寄上你每年捐款总额的综合税单.

如果你的收据丢失了,放错地方了,或者你搬走了,可以开一份副本收据. Please contact us by email at or by phone at 416-650-8210.

Absolutely – you can change your gift at any time for any reason. 如欲更改捐款或更新信用卡资料,请电邮至 or call us at 416-650-8210. 请不要在电子邮件或语音邮件中包含任何信用卡信息 – we will contact you by phone to update your information.

如果您找不到您想捐赠的名称,请与gpk电子游戏平台联系 gpk电子游戏平台可以改变你的礼物的名称,如果你已经做了.

If you are making your gift 在线, please select the “This gift should remain anonymous” checkbox under 捐赠者的信息.

If you are making your gift by mail, 请在邮寄支票的同时附上便条,以表明您希望您的礼物匿名保存.

是的! If you’re making your gift 在线, 你可以选择在“纪念/纪念特别的人”一栏中为纪念或纪念特别的人或为特殊的场合而制作礼物.

If you are making your donation via mail or by phone, please let us know if the gift is in memory or in honour of someone special.

gpk电子游戏平台很乐意回答您关于向约克大学捐款的任何问题. The best way to contact us is by emailing us at  We will try to respond within 1 business day.